Toro Recycler vs. Toro Super Recycler

Toro RecyclerThe Toro Recycler and Super Recycler are two lines of self-propelled walk behind mowers from the Toro Company. They are designed for residential and commercial use. The Recycler line includes 15 models while the Super Recycler includes five models. Each model has slightly different specifications and features.

Auto Choke and Electric Start: Both lines offer advanced features on their higher-end models. All Recycler models include an automatic choke system, eliminating the need for priming in order to start the engine. Most Recycler models are recoil started, but electric starting is available on some models. This negates the need to pull-start the mower, making quick jobs much less stressful.

Spin-Stop: To reduce the need to constantly restart the mower, Recycler and Super Recycler models also feature Toro’s Spin-Stop technology. If the operator needs to step away from the machine, the Spin-Stop feature will automatically stop the blade from spinning. This enhances the safety of the operator and anyone in the immediate vicinity of the running machine. For commercial operators, these features reduce liability while allowing for an increase in productivity.

Personal Pace: To reduce operator fatigue, the Recycler and Super Recyclers automatically detect the user’s walking speed and adjusts its pace accordingly. With just a slight pressure on the handle, users can quickly set the machine to match their own pace. On models without this feature, users can still operate a variable speed control.

Super Recycler Cutting System: The Super Recycler models feature an improved cutting system over the standard Recycler’s system. The Super Recycler Cutting System utilizes a different blade style, kickers and a clipping accelerator to improve mulching.


Decks: The first major difference lies in the deck composition. The Recycler series uses a steel 20 to 22-inch wide deck with an adjustable cutting height between one and four inches. The Super Recycler utilizes a 21-inch wide cast aluminum deck with a cutting height ranging from 1.25 to 4.25 inches.

Power: Engines also differ between the Recycler and Super Recycler. The Super Recycler also offers a range of engines that are more powerful than those in the Recycler line. Standard Recycler models come with either a 149cc Kohler OHV engine producing 6.75 ft-lbs of torque; several other models use the 190cc Briggs & Stratton motor that produces 7.25 ft-lbs of torque. Super Recycler mowers generally use a 159cc Toro Premium OHV engine producing 7.4 ft-lbs of torque; the Super Recycler Personal Pace Honda is equipped with a 160cc Honda engine.

Weight: Ergonomic features can add weight. While self-propulsion makes the mowers easy to operate, users must still move the equipment manually when placing them into storage or into vehicles. After a hard day at work, moving a heavy mower can be difficult. Fortunately, weights are similar between the two lines, albeit not identical; the lightest model, the 21-inch Super Recycler Personal Pace Honda, weighs in at 79 pounds while the heaviest model, the 22-inch Recycler Personal Pace Spin Stop, weighs in at only 88 pounds. All models weigh between 79 and 88 pounds, making the weight differences generally insignificant.

Where to Buy, Service, and Find Parts

Customers should demand only the highest levels of service and selection at the lowest prices when shopping for outdoor power equipment. Buchalla Small Engine in Belleview, Florida, stands ready to meet those needs. With a wide selection of high-quality outdoor power equipment, customers can inspect offerings from Toro and more than a dozen other manufacturers.

Eventually, any machine will require service. When servicing a Toro Recycler or Super Recycler, users should only use high-quality OEM parts constructed to exacting factory standards. In addition to carrying a full line of outdoor power equipment, Buchalla Small Engine also carries an inventory of over 1,000,000 spare parts. With prompt service and an excellent selection, users can quickly restore their machines to full functionality and ensure reliable operation.


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