Stihl MS 250 Chain Saw Review

Stihl MS 250 Chain SawStihl MS 250 Chain Saw

Ever since Andreas Stihl made the first chain saw, it has continuously developed through the years. His efforts in this invention led to an international following and some amazing technological advancements. A chain saw is very helpful in cleaning out hardwood branches that have fallen or those old trees that you just want to get rid of. In doing those tasks, with much convenience and comfort, the best saw to use in our opinion, is the MS 250 Chain Saw.

This light, mid-sized, utility type saw makes it easy to move through small, detailed tasks like clearing and cleaning but has the same power to cut through small limbs and trees as those of the bigger saws. It has a combination of the best features and accessories that will help you in all you’re cutting and clearing needs.

An MS 250 standard features include: toolless fuel and oil caps with retainers, a side access chain tensioner, and a fuel efficient carburetor for summer or winter operation. It also has a toolless quick chain adjuster for fast and easy chain adjustment.

The MS 250 has an excellent power-to-weight ratio that is designed for around-the-home as well as firewood cutting and yard clearing. It has a displacement of 45.4 cc or 2.77 cu. in. and fuel capacity of 470 cc or 15.9 oz.

This Stihl MS 250 chain saw is packed with all the special features that you may find on more expensive chain saws. Its engine features include two piston rings that ensures compression for longer engine life, a 25 cooling fin cylinder that is equivalent to those of a pro saw, and an adjustable low-speed mixture screw that helps with the tuning of the saw to allow optimal performance. It has a .325 pitch chain for longer running life and more resistance to wear, a one piece spur sprocket that is manufactured by STIHL for easy maintenance and replacement, and a bar scabbard that protects the bar and chain during storage and transport. Every engine is test started and adjusted for 100% assurance upon manufacturing.

Upon using a chain saw, a careful run-through of the instruction manual before using the saw is very important. An occurrence of a “kickback” is very dangerous and may cause serious injuries. STIHL highly recommends the use of kickback bars and low kickback chains on all STIHL chain saws.

Whether you’re in the market to purchase a new STIHL MS 250 chain saw, or need STIHL replacement parts to fix your own, come visit us at our Belleview, FL location or at our website,

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3 Responses to Stihl MS 250 Chain Saw Review

  1. Ken says:

    Hi, Just a comment of my own about the Stihl MS250, I bought one used at a pawn shop for $130 here in Va Beach, teh chain brake was broken and one of the bar nuts was missing, well I work for the city of Va beach and we use Stihl at work, so I knwo whats what with one, so I bought two new nuts because I didn’t knwo if the previous owner lost one or if it lost torque and a chain Brake was 413, easy enough to install, I spent more time second guessing myself than actually installing it, I later found out the saw is 12 years old, well for a 12 years old saw this thing starts runs and cuts leki a brand new one. I have cut three chords ow wood with it so far. πŸ™‚

    • Admin says:

      That’s great to hear, Ken! Keep those stories coming. We’d love to hear how it turns out for you. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Jim Pierce says:

    I looked online, at many brands, for a good saw that would fell, buck, and trim trees for fire wood, from storm damage and for general upkeep of the homestead. After much search and rejection of cheap saws my final comparisons led me to the Stihl MS 250. Why? Because now that I’m 65 years old I needed one that was light enough for regular use and strong enough for big tough wood.

    The MS 250 ready to cut with 18″ bar, filled with gas and oil weighs in at 14 pounds.

    It started out of the box with two pulls on full choke and one on half choke – just like Stihl says it should. For the first use it was 95 degrees outside and I cut down three trees (the largest was a long leaf pine with a diameter of 25″ and height of 50 ft.) two were oaks of 14″ diameter
    and about 30 ft. tall. All cut up for firewood I cut 2.5 cords in 4 hours. Remember I’m an old geezer who needed a few rest periods.

    The saw was better than expected and better than advertised. Pulls it’s way into the wood without any pressure appled and so well balanced it just pivoted like a pendulum in my hands.

    I’ve never had a saw that just seemed to never want to run out of gas or oil – but this one is like that. This saw runs a long time on a tank of 89 octane with Stihl HP Ultra gas oil mix. (for years I used 30 weight motor oil for chain lube but on this new MS 250 I decided to use the synthetic sticky oil and am glad I did.)

    Chain stretch was minimal and adjusting it was a breeze with the side mounted adjusting screw.

    The fabric air filter (nylon?) I know will be better in wet conditions than the old fuzzy type. (the fuzzy ones clog up easy when in wet wood and if you scrape the wet dust off it only tends to sink in the filter causing you to give up and buy a new filter).

    The MS 250 had me smiling at the end of a very hot day of cutting.

    The folks at the shop where I bought it knew the product well enough to know the answer to every one of my questions on the spot. I asked a lot of questions.

    I’ve cut wood for 50 years and know a good saw when it is in my hands. This MS 250 is a very good saw. As for durability: It is still new so ask my grandson in about 30 years how papa’s MS 250 is.

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