STIHL BR600 Magnum Blower Overview

Now that seeing the sun has become a common occurrence, so too has the outdoor jobs which come along with it. Mowing, trimming, and eventually before we know it tending to the falling leaves, will be finding their way onto “to-do” lists around the world. That being said, there is no need to worry or fret about these seemingly never ending chores. Not as long as STIHL is around with great power tools such as their BR600 Magnum Blower to lend a hand. Watch the neighbors clean up after their yard clippings and waste time with a broom, a rake or a hose. With the BR600 Magnum Blower, all of that backbreaking work is a thing of the past.

This beast makes quick work of any yard clean up needing to be done, allowing users to knock the yard work off their list in a hurry and get back to enjoying their much deserved weekend. This lightweight, yet heavy duty blower STIHL has crafted comes standard with a number of cool features such as an upright, protected and translucent fuel tank, making sure the tank is protected from minor impacts and without leaking fuel while either in use, or at rest. In addition, the ability to see where the fuel level is at is beneficial when refueling as not to waste any fuel with overspill.

Some other great benefits the STIHL BR600 Magnum Blower offers are adjustable straps to fit just about any user, as well as a light polymer frame, making the Magnum Blower not only lightweight for easy mobility, but also highly durable in the event of any impacts while using it. The addition of a joystick handle and adjustable tubing also make this blower very maneuverable and user friendly. Basically, once the STIHL BR600 Magnum Blower is strapped on, all the user needs to do is point, shoot, and watch their targets be blown away by the awesome output of this machine.

With the STIHL BR600 Magnum Blower, there is no job too large or small. Whether one is clearing an acreage full of leaves in the fall, or is part of a clean-up crew after the big game, this blower can move a ton of debris. Not only is the Magnum Blower built to last and handle any job, but it is also built with the environment in mind as well.

STIHL takes great care and concern to do their best in leaving the world in better shape than the way they found it. Out of their “A Greener Shade of Orange” campaign, products such as the BR600 Magnum Blower were born. Developed with fuel-efficiency at top of mind, the Magnum Blower offers proven fuel-efficiency up to 28% better than similar models on the market, meaning one can run their Magnum Blower for longer periods of time, on less amounts of fuel. This type of green effort is leading the way in the industry, and making sure the environment is being taken care of while still providing the exceptional performance for which STIHL has come to be known.

In addition to being a phenomenal piece of equipment, and environmentally friendly as well, the BR600 Magnum Blower is one of the easiest to maintain. With routine care and tune-ups, the BR600 Magnum Blower, will last for many, many years. In the event the blower does breakdown, finding STIHL Blower Parts, is as easy as can be. Most of the time a local STIHL Dealer will have any part one might need to keep their BR600 Magnum Blower up and running. In many cases these parts can be purchased and installed by the owners themselves, providing yet another reason the STIHL BR60 Magnum Blower is one of the best economical choices out there when it comes to blowers. On the chance the part cannot be installed or replaced, by the owner, all STIHL Dealers are able to fix and repair these blowers without too much hassle.

All in all, there a number of uses for the STIHL BR600 Magnum Blower this summer and fall. One can continue to stick to the old-school methods of using manual hand tools to accomplish them, or they can step up to the big leagues and take a crack at those outdoor chores with a new STIHL BR600 Magnum Blower. They are solidly built pieces of machinery, which are Eco-friendly and economical to run and maintain. In reality, the choice is quite simple. When there is a product like the STIHL BR600 Magnum Blower on the market, why would one bother with anything else?

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