Hustler Sport Mower Review

Even though the Hustler Sport mower may look like it’s built for comfort and luxury, don’t be fooled by its beauty and ergonomic design. True, it was built with you, the user, in mind, and it has all the comforts and luxuries that you could ask for. But if you take a look underneath the ‘hood,’ you will see that this mower was also built for rugged performance that cannot be easily matched by any other mower in its price or weight class.

This mower was built with the average homeowner in mind, and it does a great job of making an afternoon of mowing seem more like a pleasant joyride in a royal carriage. With steering that rivals that of a high-performance sports car, the Hustler will quickly become an expert on every corner of your yard and will leave no stone un-edged without a perfect little border of clipped grass around it. The SmoothTrak steering control arms will make you feel like royalty seated atop the world.

With its welded deck and solid steel frame, the Hustler Sport can tame even the most treacherous terrain. These materials give the Sport a high degree of durability that ensures an extremely low maintenance level for this model. Finally, you will be able to simply enjoy giving the best of your attention to your lawn instead of your lawnmower. No matter how tough the hidden obstacles in your lawn may be, the Hustler Sport is tougher.

The Sport comes finished with a quality coating of cutting-edge powder-coat paint to help ensure that your machine stays looking new for as long as possible. The finish makes this mower resistant to scratches and nicks and even gives it a bit of extra shine that other mowers simply don’t have. Beside the amazing quality and luxury found in its machines, attention to these kinds of details is what puts Hustler far ahead of most other mower brands.

Among many other quality features found on these machines, Hustler Sport mowers include commercial duty spindles for extra resistance to impact and mulching decks that allow for side discharge of waste material. Depending on the needs of the consumer, these mulching decks can be ordered in three different sizes: 42 inches, 48 inches, or 54 inches. The mulching decks can be combined with a number of composite discharge chute attachments with extremely heavy-duty quality. This will help to ensure the greatest amount of protection both for the mower and for its owner from any potential projectiles that may be hiding in your grass.

The Hustler Sport’s ignition is completely electronic, and its electrical arrangement features a 12 volt system that ensures low fuel usage. The Sport can carry more than two gallons of fuel at a time and can cover large distances on a single tank. Its ground speed includes a top forward speed of up to six miles per hour and a top reverse speed of as much as four miles per hour. While its high forward speed ensures that your lawn is mowed in record time, its high reverse speed ensures that any mistakes can be quickly corrected.
Depending on the size of the mulching deck on your mower, its blade will spin at 18,100, 18,400, or a massive 18,600 feet per minute. This extremely fast blade speed ensures that the cut quality is as high as necessary to produce the perfect lawn. The blade can be set to 14 different cutting heights between one inch and four and a half inches. Hustler knows that the details are what matters, and cutting height increments are set at only a quarter of an inch.

The seven different engines available to be included in Hustler Sport mowers are powerful and low-maintenance. The engines range from 17.5 horsepower to as much as 26 horsepower for those who need some serious muscle in their backyards. The Sport comes with a hydrostatic transmission to ensure the greatest possible maneuverability.

The maintenance required on the Hustler Sport mower is one of the easiest to be found on any mower currently available in the industry. For residential use, the Hustler Sport has a two year limited warranty right of the box, which lasts up to three years for individual parts. The engines also come with two year limited warranties. The sole exception to this is the Honda engine, which has up to three years on its warranty. In addition to this, the pumps and motors come with two year limited warranties. If your Hustler Sport will be used for commercial purposes, it will come with a limited warranty of up to 90 days.

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  1. Lee Chaney says:

    Need 26 HP Honda,Briggs @stratton did not hold in smooth short grass!!
    Need motor if anyone knows a deal ???

    • Admin says:

      Hi Lee! Thanks for the inquiry. I would suggest contacting our helpful sales staff at Phone# 352-347-2112. Thanks!

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