Hustler FasTrak Mower Review

One of the best things about the new FasTrak mower from Hustler is its versatility. Although it is powerful, durable, and tough enough to handle commercial use on huge tracts of land, it was essentially built to fill the needs of the regular homeowner. This simple fact means that the FasTrak can pull a number of rabbits out of its hat. It is built to last with a heavy-duty solid steel frame that can take a great deal of serious use, but it is also easy to learn to use, understand, and steer around the backyard.

Although it can plow through fields of thick weeds, the FasTrak is more than just a monster. It is easily capable of bringing a poised, elegant flair to tasks where the most delicate touch is needed such as edging a bed of rose bushes. Under the hood, the FasTrak has plenty of power to spare, and it can chew through entire landscapes in no time at all. Up top, however, it features luxurious and comfortable seating that will ensure you never tire no matter how long the job takes.

You can choose from a side discharge of 48, 54, or 60 inches or even attach a mulch kit if you need to. FasTrak mowers come with regular hour meters, ZT 3100 transmissions, and commercial duty sealed deck spindles. The ignition is electronic and the fuel tank can fit just over three gallons of gas – plenty to complete even the largest gardening jobs.

The FasTrak has a top speed of about eight miles per hour and it can also go up to five miles per hour in reverse just in case you missed a spot. Even at its top speed, the FasTrak still does a thorough, efficient job of cutting your grass down to size. Its full eight miles per hour top speed will ensure that you don’t spend a second more out under the burning sun than you have to.

The blade spins at over 18 thousand feet per minute in all models, and you can select cutting heights in quarter-inch increments from anywhere between as low as one and a half inches to as tall as four and a half inches. The cutting height selection system on the FasTrak is one of the most highly customizable systems found in any lawnmower in the industry.

There are three different engines available with the FasTrak mower, depending on the size and power you need. All three are Kawasaki FS engines. The smallest comes with 22 horsepower, the middle child has 24 horsepower, and the older brother gets a full 26 horsepower.

Hustler has a reputation of standing behind its products, and the FasTrak mower is no exception. The machine itself comes with a limited residential warranty that is valid for up to either four years or as many as four hundred hours of work time. If you are using your FasTrak for commercial purposes, you still get to count on a limited commercial warranty that is valid for up to either one full year or the same four hundred hours of work time. The tractor frame and the leading edge of the deck both come with limited lifetime warranties.

Maintenance and upkeep are easy to perform on the FasTrak. This mower, in fact, is one of the easiest to maintain of any mower in the industry. Any Hustler Mower Parts that may require regular maintenance are easy and quick to both access and perform maintenance on.

There are a wide variety of attachments available for use with the FasTrak to make mowing easy and painless no matter what conditions in which you may find yourself. If you suffer from back pain, if the terrain you have to mow is particularly uneven, or even if you just want a little more comfort, try out the extra shock-absorbing Flex Forks attachment. These front-caster forks are the ultimate in comfort and will help to provide a more evenly distributed cutting height in very uneven yards. The Flex Forks attachment will also help to improve cutting uniformity when the mower is operated at high speeds, further allowing the FasTrak to live up to its name.

If you don’t like the cut grass spread indiscriminately all over your lawn, invest in the 2-Bag Catcher attachment. This package of catcher, hopper, and blower assemblies are both easy to install and remove at will. The catcher assembly can contain over seven full bushels of cut grass.

There is also a Light Kit available if you need to mow your lawn after dark and a Stripe Roller attachment so that you can get your lawn looking like a stadium. If you need an even more comfortable mowing experience, add on the Steering Extension Kit that will allow you to sit back and steer like a king with a package of extended and adjustable steering levers.

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2 Responses to Hustler FasTrak Mower Review

  1. Leonard says:

    want to buy a Fas Trac with a 24 hp engine 54″ cut. I have 5 acres to cut what is your feeling Is the mower any good or should I purchase a Deer. I have had a Scagg before and had good luck also thanks Vaz

    • Admin says:

      Hi Leonard! Thanks for your post and question. The Hustler FasTrak is a high performance mower and should be a great fit for your yard. Give us a call and we can talk through more of the details. Phone# 352-347-2112.

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