DR Power Equipment Chipper Series Review

All DR® Power Equipment owners understand the extent of the DR® quality. DR® chippers simplify hard work and turn stacks of limbs, branches and brush into useful and valuable wood chip mulch.

There are four model lines offered. Three of those are within the self-powered series, the other is for the 3-Point Hitch Series designed for use with a tractor. Both product types and all model lines relieve the owner of having to deal with slow machines that have to be force-fed.

Features Common to All DR® Chippers

All DR® chippers have a self-feeding assist that simplifies operation. When slower chippers get bogged down or even clogged, the DR® chipper continues to operate quickly and efficiently with its Rapid-Feed design that chips and mulches branches up to 5 ½” in diameter. DR® chipper design and high quality construction allowed testers to operate DR® chippers over 300 hours without experiencing a single clog.

Much of DR® chippers’ reliability originates with the long-lasting chipper knife that knows how to hold an edge. Depending on the model, the flywheel weighs as much as 76 pounds, resulting in smooth operation as well as minimizing strain on the machine even at peak operating speeds and loads.

Self-Powered Series

There are three model lines within the self-powered series, designated by the level of torque they generate when producing wood chip mulch. The 11.50 Premier Chipper is the smallest and is available only with manual start capabilities. The 16.50 Pro Chipper is the midrange model line and offers models with either manual or electric start. The 30.00 Pro-XL Chipper is available with electric start only and is the largest of all of the self-powered DR® chippers. The 11.50 Premier Chipper develops 11.5 foot pounds of torque. The 16.50 Pro Chipper develops 16.5 ft lbs of torque, and the 30.00 Pro-XL Chipper develops 30 ft lbs of torque.

11.50 Premier Chipper

Though this model is the smallest of all of the DR® chippers, it still is far above most of the chippers available to the homeowner. The 11.50 Premier can handle limbs and branches up to 3½” in diameter. It also has that oversized hopper that can accept branches with a lot of side branches that do not have to be cut off before chipping. Nearly all material will self-feed, allowing the operator to work far more efficiently.

A high-profile discharge chute allows the 11.50 Premier to discharge directly into a cart if desired. This model is small enough that it can be transported over short distances by hand, but there is an optional hitch so that it can be towed with an ATV or a tractor. The Briggs & Stratton OHV engine is guaranteed for two years for residential use or for 90 days if the 11.50 Premier is being used commercially.

16.50 Pro Chipper

With its higher torque rating, the 16.50 Pro can chip its way through branches up to 4½.” The 16.50 Pro offers all of the external features of the smaller model, except that it also is available with an electric start feature. It also is available with an optional extended discharge chute that extends the discharge reach to the bed of a pickup truck or over a fence into a woodlot.

This model is heavy enough that it comes with a pin hitch as a standard feature. The company offers an optional road towing package so that the 16.50 Pro can be towed behind a vehicle on a road or highway. This model also carries a two year warranty for residential use or a 90 day warranty when used in commercial applications.

30.00 Pro-XL Chipper

The 30.00 Pro-XL Chipper is the highest end chipper that DR offers. It is large and heavy, and is available only as an electric start model. The engine that delivers 30 ft lbs torque also delivers 18 horsepower. The 30.00 Pro-XL Chipper takes on even knotty hardwood branches – or entire trees – up to 5½.” It also has an oversized hopper as do all of the DR® Chippers. Combining the high power with its oversized hopper, the 30.00 Pro-XL makes short work of even the largest jobs. The company even offers a straight two-year warranty on this model, regardless of application. Whether residential or commercial, the warranty is the same.

There is also an optional extended-length discharge chute available for the 30.00 Pro-XL for access to the bed of a pickup truck. This model comes with a pin hitch, but there is an optional road towing package so that it can be towed on any road or highway.

3-Point Hitch Series

There is only a single model within this series. The 3-Point Hitch DR Rapid-Feed PTO Chipper is designed for use with tractors between 19 and 65 horsepower that are equipped with a Category 1 3-Point hitch. It is comparable to the 16.50 Pro in that it accepts 4½” branches, leaving larger ones to be cut for firewood.

The 3-Point Hitch DR Rapid-Feed PTO Chipper also has an oversized hopper and an optional extended discharge chute for discharge directly into the bed of a pickup truck.

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